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The AstraLab Compujector

The compujector is a South African innovation developed to bring ICT to the classroom with minimal fuss, ease of use and portability. The compujector is the result of 3 years of extensive research and development to bring an "African Solution" to ICT in the classroom.

The front of the Compujector Left Side of the Compujector

The Compujector has South African content pre-loaded. Never before has technology been able to deliver digital content in the classroom so effectively.

The obvious advantage is that it combines high spec processing with data projection. There are no messy wires to connect and it can be set up to go within 2 minutes. Plug and play for teachers! The compujector has a strong exoskeleton and been designed to survive the rough conditions of classrooms and will tolerate power spikes and harsh knocks.

The back of the Compujector The right side of the Compujector

Click here to download the AstraLab Compujector pamphlet. [Click Here] (2.1MB)

To sum up:

  • A technology that combines data projection with computing power.
  • It's portable and can be safely stored in th school's strongroom at night.
  • Single teaching instrument.
  • Pre-loaded with Wikipedia.org and Mindset's content.
  • Caters for our diverse cultural learning enviroment.
  • Enhances a socialised classroom learning culture. (Single instrument - Mass facilitation)
  • Facilitates teaching of unpredictable class sizes.
  • Designed to be teacher friendly.
  • Teacher remains in control.
  • Affordable technology delivery platform.
  • Low total cost of ownership. (1-2k per year)
Students using the compujector.

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